Combo Competitions organizes international ideas competitions for architects - and designers of any other field. Participants are encouraged to focus on ideas, as projects are judged as much by their underlying concepts and the communication as by their aesthetics.

The website was founded by Per Linde, a Swedish architect living in London, aiming to offer a platform that encourages different ways of thinking. Simply put, the main driver is to promote proposals where everything comes together to form a whole that is larger than the sum of its parts.

With today’s possibilities to create amazing renderings and images, it is easy for participants to invest most of their effort into a final image to seduce the jury, giving less priority to the thinking behind the project or the way it is communicated. To comfortably shift emphasis towards well-advised concepts - without taking away from the importance of appearance and presentation - Combo Competitions encourages participants to explore unique ways of solving problems by highlighting certain aspects of a subject rather than strictly requesting a specific solution.

In addition to this, Combo Competitions provides each winner with a personal page within the www.combocompetitions.com domain, displaying their submitted proposal along with the jury’s comments. This allows the site to also serve as an online portfolio for the winning competitors.