London Cinema Challenge


The goal of the competition is to design a new cinema located on Newman Street in central London. The design should reflect the participants’ ideas of the cinematic experience in the near future.

As an ideas-based competition, it is up to the discretion of the competitors to decide the scope of the venture: an intimate screening room for indie films, or a commercial multi-storey cinema complex showing blockbusters - or anything in between. The only criterion is that the design provides a space to watch movies.


The challenge is to design a cinema, located on Newman Street in central London. Scope and approach is left to the discretion of the competitors – as long as it is well motivated and justified, the way of showing/experiencing films can be just as basic or sophisticated as desired. The same goes for the physical structure: it can be as large as the site allows, or as small as one can imagine.


In addition the cinema, each proposal must show a unique feature, helping to serve the main purpose of the cinema. It can be anything from a café to a nursery home – just as long as you can motivate the need for it. This is your chance to add yet another dimension to the scheme!